BIZBETWEEN provides a single source of expertise to address and to implement your go-to-market in Europe from the immediate to the long term whatever your B2B or B2B2C sales organization model.

BIZBETWEEN also provides capabilities to revisit and to restructure your go-to-market in the region.


Our services “à la carte” give you a lot of flexibility according to the maturity of your go-to-market strategy and your budget. It allows you a step by step approach that guarantees the success of your business in Europe.

Business Partners Identification

We identify and we select the most appropriate potential business partners that fit the best to your products and your sales strategy.

Then closely with your team we assess the targeted business partners and we make decision.

Product qualification

In close cooperation with your sales support organization we define the milestones to get your products qualified.

Under your responsibility we follow your products qualification process in order to make sure it takes place in an agreed time frame.

Business Follow-Up
We know by experience that the signature of a distribution agreement is just the beginning of a long journey.

The stake is to make sure that numbers will come. We set up together the kick off meeting, the action plan to make it happen and we assure the business follow-up.

First Introduction

On your behalf we generate the first sales calls to introduce your company and your products to the selected Business Partners.

We qualify the leads and we engage the Business Partners in the process to get your products in their portfolio.

Distribution Agreement

As soon as your products are qualified we set the decision making process that leads to a distribution agreement negotiation.


We consider the negotiation is your responsibility. However, our duty is to avoid any pitfalls you might face during the negotiation. We assist you until the final signature.

Go-to-Market Restructuring

You want to revisit or to restructure your sales organization:


  • We conduct a review of how the end user purchases your products.

  • We review the structure and benefits of your go-to-market.

  • We determine your most profitable partners and where your resources will have the biggest impact.

  • We set up the plan to execute the new sales strategy.

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